Global Covid-19 deaths pass 1 million. Experts fear the toll may double before a vaccine is ready

More than 1 million people have died from the coronavirus worldwide, marking another milestone in the pandemic’s brief but devastating history.


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The death toll from the coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, now stands at 1,000,555, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The grim tally has been reached in less than nine months since the first death caused by the coronavirus was confirmed by Chinese authorities in the city of Wuhan.

Since then, the virus has disrupted the everyday lives of billions of people around the globe and caused widespread economic damage. More than 33 million cases have been confirmed worldwide and outbreaks continue to plague many countries.

Europe, which became the second epicenter for the virus after China, imposed widespread restrictions on people’s movements in the spring in an effort to curb its spread. While the measures had some success, a number of countries that were

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Day cares are reopening. But they can only serve small groups and fear for their survival.

The industry already operates at the margins, and facilities that are open are running undercapacity to comply with strict health guidelines. Many centers have delayed paying their rent or mortgages until they can afford it. Owners say that many workers have left for babysitting gigs or other minimum-wage jobs that reopened sooner.

The demand for child care is growing but is inconsistent and unpredictable, day-care owners said in interviews. They have fewer young infants in their care. But centers with accredited prekindergarten programs say the slots are in high demand, with parents opting for these in-person programs instead of the virtual public school ones. While some centers are turning parents away, others have capacity but no families registered.

And now a new challenge for some day cares: The District announced this month that it would change the way it pays them subsidies — money the city pays directly to day-care

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Dentists fear a ‘tsunami’ of post-lockdown tooth decay

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Dentists face a “tsunami” of untreated tooth decay because children have been kept away from dental surgeries during lockdown.

Half of parents in the UK said their children had missed a check-up since March, according to an Opinium survey for the Association of Dental Groups (ADG), which represents practices across the country.

The survey of 2,000 people included 622 parents, with 31% saying their family had decided not to go for a check-up or make an appointment. Another 13% said they had not been able to get an appointment – a sign of the growing problem of delays caused by the pandemic.

Dental practices were forced to shut after coronavirus hit, but have been allowed to reopen since 8 June.

Related: Children’s tooth decay costs NHS more than £40m a year in England

The ADG said the vast majority of

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How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist

Millions of people hesitate to see a dentist for necessary dental treatment out of fear. Are you one of them? The stereotype picture of a sadistic dentist holding a whizzing drill over his patient is perpetuated in comic strips, cartoons and TV shows. This image as accurate as any other stereotype still persists. The fact is that anticipation of pain produces fear.

Today’s dentistry is almost pain free. Modern anesthetics, sophisticated high speed drills with water sprays and precision instruments make most dental procedures virtually painless. Unfortunately you can know all that and still freeze up the minute you walk into the dentist office.

If your early childhood experience was to be dragged screaming in to the dental chair, like it was in my case, it is pretty difficult to erase these fearful feelings. So what can you do about fears? You can level with your dentist right from the … Read More

Fear of Dentist Dental Phobia -Odontophobia Treatment and Cure

Statistics show that for many people with dental phobia, the onset resulted fro a traumatic experience in childhood. That was what happened to me. I had an abscessed tooth and the dentist pulled it with no Novocain and never prescribed an antibiotic. After that even the thought of getting my teeth cleaned would make me physically ill. When our children were young I took them to a dentist who dealt exclusively with children. I couldn’t stay in the room with them. This kind man had me just sit in the chair and chat with him. When I was comfortable with that (a few weeks) he took x-rays, then we progressed to a cleaning. It took four months to get to that point and another two before I allowed him to fill two cavities.

This is not an atypical approach to dental phobias. Many therapists recommend this method. Some dentists don’t … Read More

How to Cure Dentist Phobia – Stop Your Fear of Dentists

You know that you need good dental care but unless you can stop your fear of dentists it will cause you to keep putting off those appointments.

You want to keep your teeth in tip top condition but your dentist phobia means that you positively dread having someone poking and prodding around in your mouth, then making you slurp down some sort of fluoride goop that tastes like a cross between bubble gum and Tylenol.

Stop Your Fear of Dentists

One way to help stop your fear of dentists is to ask to be “put under” while they drill away. That way, once the anesthetic has started to work, you’ll be unconscious while your dentist does their work. This can work but it’s an extreme solution – one that you should really only consider if you don’t have time to work out any other solution for your dentist phobia. And … Read More

Fear of the Dentist – How NOT to Treat a Child in the Dental Office

“You know too much”, was the innocent response from my dentist’s receptionist to the questions I asked my dentist about my own dental treatment. Her words were ringing in my ears for days. Telling readers to get information prior to treatment has always been a major focus of my articles. Yet, his hygienist had already caught me by surprise by doing an “unauthorized” fluoride treatment on my five-year-old. And, without my knowledge, the dentist had previously placed a formocresol-medicated cotton pellet into my tooth between root canal therapy visits. I was making an appointment to re-do a crown that had fallen out one month after it had been cemented. Attempting to increase the chances of success and decrease the possibility of another violation of my natural dental beliefs, I had merely been attempting to share my extensive crown and bridge experience.

For the first time I understood how intimidated patients … Read More

How to Overcome Your Fear of Going to the Dentist

One of the major phobias that people, both adults and children alike, have is the fear of going to the dentist. Just the thought of sitting in that space-age dental chair and the dentist looming ominously over us is enough to set the heart pumping. Throw in all the scary instruments lying in plain view and it’s a wonder we don’t just get up and run for our life!

This fear of dentists has gained enough importance to be christened with many exotic names like dentist phobia, dento-phobia, odonto-phobia, etc. Dental fear and anxiety are considered a serious affliction and many methods are being devised to tackle this very real fear. It is quite common to find people who would rather endure excruciating tooth pain than go to the dentist to get relief.

If you are here reading this article, you are probably one of the majority who hate the … Read More

Fear of the Dentist – Movies, Media and Negative Images

Anyone who has read Mary Shelly’s fictional novel, “Frankenstein,” or has seen any of the myriad of Hollywood horror films beginning with Boris Karloff’s portrayal of the tragic monster, are aware that Victor Frankenstein, the doctor responsible for it’s creation, was a physician who had higher purpose on his mind and a mad scientist’s ego as his driving force.

I am surprised however, that given our profession’s negative and painful image, the title character wasn’t a dentist. After all, though we are quite respected within our communities and do possess the technology to create nearly painless dental experiences, dentistry has been, and still remains, among the most feared and hated of all health professions. Over the years I’ve heard more than a few women comment at social gatherings, “I’d rather have a baby than a root canal.” Dental treatment can make the strongest man in the world sweaty and weak … Read More