Itchy foreskin no rash: 6 causes and treatments

Uncomfortable symptoms that affect the penis, such as itching, pain, and burning, can be both bothersome and concerning. Occasionally, a person might experience an itchy foreskin with no rash.

This symptom does not necessarily indicate a serious health issue. However, anyone with discomfort around the foreskin should see a doctor to prevent complications.

There are various causes of an itchy foreskin with no rash. Common causes include:

The cause of the itching will determine the treatment options.

Balanitis is the medical term for swelling or inflammation that develops at the head of the penis. This condition can cause an itchy foreskin with no rash. It can also cause rashes, discharge, painful urination, and difficulty peeling back the foreskin.

Balanitis can occur as a result of many different factors, including allergies, infections, and poor hygiene.

Research suggests that circumcision reduces the risk of balanitis, which affects 11–13% of uncircumcised males and

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