‘The Drug Became His Friend’: Pandemic Drives Hike in Opioid Deaths

BARRE, Vermont — On the first Friday in June, Jefrey Cameron, 29, left his home around midnight to buy heroin. He had been struggling with addiction for seven years but had seemingly turned a corner, holding down a job that he loved at Basil’s Pizzeria, driving his teenage sister to the mall to go shopping and sharing a home with his grandmother. But then the coronavirus pandemic hit.

When he returned home that night and tried the product, it was so potent that he fell and hit his head in the bathroom. Mr. Cameron texted a friend soon after, saying that he had messed up and would go to a 12-step meeting with a friend that weekend.

“I promise I’m good and I can’t get in any more trouble tonight,” he wrote. “Sweet dreams, if you wake up before you hear from me definitely call me. The sooner I get

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Are Migraines And Teeth Connected? Your Dentist May Be Your Best Friend

Do you suffer from frequent migraines? If you have been searching for what it seems like forever on how to treat migraines there is one more option you should consider.

There is growing evidence that migraines and teeth could be related as a source of migraine headaches. Some people are finding that the dental correlation to this devastating painful condition is often not considered.

You may be thinking I would never consider going to the dentist to treat a migraine but there is a good possibility that your dentist may have the answer to your migraine headaches.

As you read this article you will discover the top two causes of dental migraine headaches.

We will also discuss the type of treatment you would receive for each condition.

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A Dentist and a Friend

Most dentists will tell you they did not get into dentistry for the money. Although you may find some procedures to be very costly, it usually doesn’t translate into big profits. Your teeth are easy to ignore when cash is tight. Instead of going for monthly cleanings, you probably will only go to the dentist if you’re in pain. As a result, bad economic times hit dentist quickly and can destroy a dentist’s practice.

Like most of us, I’ve been through my fair share of dentists. Back around 2003, a good friend of mine recommended a dentist, Dr. William Tessler, a.k.a Billy. I first met Billy in the midst of a tooth gone very bad. I was certain that the tooth needed to be extracted. Billy was uncomfortable removing the tooth, so we did a root canal which ended up saving the tooth.

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