Trump’s other coronavirus complication: His credibility gap

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll released last month found that just 40 percent of Americans trust Trump to provide “reliable information on coronavirus,” and only 36 percent of respondents this summer deemed the president “honest and trustworthy” — which was actually an improvement from last year’s mark of 34 percent, according to Gallup’s long-running poll.

“My initial instinct was he’s lying about this diagnosis,” said Rebekah Nagler, a University of Minnesota professor who has a forthcoming paper that addresses Trump’s conflicting claims on coronavirus. “And I don’t think I’m the only person who felt that way,” Nagler said, hastening to add she no longer doubted he had actually come down with the disease.

Since revealing his diagnosis early on Friday, Trump has tweeted just twice — first, a short video to indicate he’s healthy, and then an upbeat “Going well, I think!” late Friday night. The information flow

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