Record gift to University of Toronto faculty of medicine supports AI, equity

A $250-million gift to the University of Toronto’s faculty of medicine will support artificial intelligence (AI), biomedical research and collaboration, and equity efforts. The investment also includes $10 million for the dean’s COVID-19 priority fund announced earlier this year.

The university says the donation is the largest ever in Canadian philanthropy. In recognition, the school will name the faculty of medicine and a new medical building funded by the gift after donors James and Louise Temerty.

“Their gift will touch every aspect of our programs, impacting education, research and clinical care across the region and round the globe,” says Dr. Trevor Young, dean of the newly christened Temerty Faculty of Medicine. “It will allow us to respond nimbly to exciting research and partnership opportunities as they arise and lead the way to big medical breakthroughs.”

Among other initiatives, the money will fund the creation of a new centre for AI

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