Wales to give Kieffer Moore and Chris Mepham time to prove fitness

Wales forward Kieffer Moore was forced off after just 40 minutes at Wembley
Wales forward Kieffer Moore was forced off after just 40 minutes at Wembley

Wales will give Kieffer Moore and Chris Mepham time to prove their fitness for Sunday’s Nations League match against the Republic of Ireland.

Cardiff City striker Moore was forced off during the 3-0 friendly loss to England at Wembley with a bruised toe.

Bournemouth defender Mepham picked up a knee injury late on and both players will be assessed.

“They’re struggling a little bit. We’ll give them as much time as possible,” said Wales manager Ryan Giggs.

“We won’t take any risks if there are any risks but we’re keen for them both to be involved.

“We’ll have another day of treatment today [Saturday] so we’ll see how those injuries settle down.”

Juventus midfielder Aaron Ramsey has linked up with the Wales squad in Dublin after missing the England game.

Ramsey was part of the club’s Covid-19

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California Joins Movement to Give NPs Practice Autonomy

The national movement to grant nurse practitioners (NPs) greater autonomy reached critical mass this week when California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that will allow NPs to practice on their own after a minimum of 3 years working under a physician’s supervision. Under current state law, NPs must always be supervised by a doctor.

The new law, enacted despite strong opposition from the California Medical Association (CMA), is scheduled to take effect January 1, 2023.

California joins 22 other states that allow NPs to practice independently, according to the California Association for Nurse Practitioners (CANP). Depending on how NP autonomy is defined, the number of states might be as high as 30, Joanne Spetz, PhD, a health economics professor at the University of California San Francisco, told Medscape Medical News.

About a dozen of those states passed their laws within the past decade, Spetz noted, and California is

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Nurse navigator to give patients extra resource during cancer treatment at St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital


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5 Stress-Free Tips To Successfully Give Your Child Medicine

It’s no surprise that your little one doesn’t like the taste of medicine – you hated it when you were young, too! Apart from the not-so-appealing taste of most medications, anyone who’s feeling sick simply don’t have the taste buds or appetite for just about anything.

But sick children do need to take their doctor-recommended medicines to get better, so here are some effective tips and tricks to successfully give your child medicine:

Provide choices

Young ones tend to lose their self-control especially when they don’t feel well, that’s why it’s extremely helpful to guide them and provide them choices in every step towards recovery.

When it’s time for medicine, present them with different options that will make them feel they’re in control – how they take it (from a cup or syringe, with your help or by themselves), when they take it (before or after their sponge bath) and … Read More