Why you should try a fitness retreat in the Mediterranean paradise of Gozo

I headed on a fitness retreat to Gozo, just around the corner from Malta – and you should do the same (Picture: Matt Hush)

If you haven’t heard of a stunning, small Mediterranean paradise called Gozo, you’re in good company.

Many an experienced globetrotter scratches their head at the mention of the place and despite its awesomeness, usually doesn’t make the ‘top islands to visit’ travel lists.

Why? Well, I believe the blame lies firmly at Malta’s feet.

Malta sits just around the corner from Gozo, but because it is big, vibrant and known for throwing a good old knees-up, it gets everyone’s attention and consequently eclipses its little neighbour.

Actually, Gozo is known as Malta’s baby sister – the quiet, unassuming baby always put in the corner. However, because the lucky few who happen to notice her in the shadows become so struck by her beauty that they can’t

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