CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta puts Trump’s odds of surviving COVID-19 at ‘greater than 90 percent’

President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday night, and “obviously, given the president’s age and his pre-existing illnesses, he’s going to be at increased risk from this disease,” CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said on Friday morning’s New Day. “Still, the odds are very much in his favor … greater than 90 percent, 95 percent chance that he will get through this.”

We know that his age, 244 pounds of weight, heart disease, and cholesterol level put Trump at higher risk, Gupta said. “When you’re at his age, 65 to 74, it’s about a five times greater likelihood that somebody will be hospitalized for this, as compared to somebody younger.” But we don’t know lots of other important information, he added, like whether he has symptoms or when he was infected, and “we still don’t have full vision on his past medical history,” including the story

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Irregular periods linked to a greater risk of an early death

A team of mostly US-based researchers found that women who reported always having irregular menstrual cycles experienced higher mortality rates than women who reported very regular cycles in the same age ranges. The study took into account other potentially influential factors, such as age, weight, lifestyle, contraceptives and family medical history.

The study assessed 79,505 women with no history of cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes. The women reported the usual length and regularity of their menstrual cycles at three different points: between the ages of 14 to 17, 18 to 22, and 29 to 46 years. The researchers kept track of their health over a 24-year period.

“This study is a real step forward in closing the data gap that exists in women’s health. It raises many interesting research questions and areas of future study,” Dr. Jacqueline Maybin, a senior research fellow and consultant gynecologist at the University of Edinburgh’s … Read More

PACE adapts and expands services to help New Orleans seniors live independently | Sponsored: PACE Greater New Orleans

When COVID-19 forced PACE to shift exclusively to in-home and virtual services for New Orleans seniors, the staff was ready to quickly adapt and pivot.

“The whole model of PACE is flexibility and individualized care,” said Trisha Ventura, a PACE occupational therapist. “Our executive director always says we are not a cookie-cutter service. We’re constantly adapting and changing, so it has not been a tremendously difficult transition for us.”

PACE is an affiliated ministry of Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans. Its mission is to enable older adults to live in their homes and in the community as long as it is medically and socially feasible to do so. The PACE comprehensive healthcare program includes physician care, medications, rehabilitative therapy, personal care services, transportation, meal delivery and nutrition counseling.


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