Green Beret turned entrepreneur expands field medicine operation in Anderson | Greenville Business

An emergency medicine company that traces its roots to the combat experience in Afghanistan of its founder is expanding again in Anderson County.

Ross Johnson, a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, established Tactical Medical Solutions in 2003 as a small-scale maker of tourniquets for fellow members of the military. He sewed them himself during breaks at home between deployments in Afghanistan, he said.

He retired from the military in 2007, and in the 13 years since, the company has grown rapidly and diversified, much of that through acquisition of other companies, including trauma simulation company TraumaFX less than a year ago. TacMed, which is headquartered in Anderson, now sells more than 2,000 different products to military, law enforcement and field medicine personnel in 77 countries. 

Last week, the company announced it would invest $1.7 million and add 21 employees at the 66-acre TacMed site off Harris Bridge

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