Grieving families say Trump’s experience with COVID-19 doesn’t mirror reality

When Carol Ackerman’s dad was dying of COVID-19, he wasn’t getting attention from infectious disease specialists or treatment from expensive, experimental drugs. Instead, he got an orthopedic surgeon — a specialist in muscle, tendon, bone and ligament health — who was doing his best under difficult circumstances.

a couple of people posing for the camera: Carol Ackerman's father Stanley J. Teich, who passed away in April at 79, poses with two of his granddaughters.

© Carol Ackerman
Carol Ackerman’s father Stanley J. Teich, who passed away in April at 79, poses with two of his granddaughters.

“They had so many patients that it was all hands on deck,” Ackerman explained.


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But looking back on the options her dad had, and comparing that to the now daily updates about the care President Donald Trump has received following his coronavirus diagnosis, Ackerman said, “It’s just not fair.”

“And I think what truly would have made a difference is our government not downplaying this disease,” she added.

As Trump this week crows about his first-rate medical care —

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