Medicine Hat advocates travel to Lethbridge to volunteer with its unsanctioned overdose prevention site

A pair of Hatters travelled to Lethbridge last week to volunteer outside the unsanctioned overdose prevention site.

Kym Porter and Kari Ursulescu are members of the group Moms Stop the Harm, and have both lost a loved one to overdose. Porter lost her son Neil, and Ursulescu lost her partner Riley.

The women say they went to the site to help people, and to show compassion to those battling addiction.

“It’s the right thing to do,” said Ursulescu. “Since ARCHES was closed and the mobile supervised consumption site opened, a lot of people have not had anywhere to go.

“We went where the problem is and we’re trying to help.”

Porter says the mobile SCS isn’t doing a good enough job.

“The mobile site can accommodate less than 10 per cent of the capacity that ARCHES used to cover,” she said. “We’ve discovered that former ARCHES clients haven’t found the

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