Older men need to hydrate even when they are not thirsty

A new study confirms that older men may lack the bodily cues that help younger men remain hydrated.

Smart thermostats have nothing on our hypothalamus. This is the gland that helps us maintain a healthy body temperature.

When we get too hot, the hypothalamus causes our skin to produce sweat that cools us down as it evaporates. We then become thirsty, and we should drink to replace the water that we lost through sweating.

However, if we sweat too much or do not drink water to replenish our fluids, we can become dehydrated.

Without enough water in the body, we lose the ability to cool ourselves with sweat, and the body can overheat. This increases our chance of experiencing heatstroke and other heat-related damage to our bodies.

As we age, the efficiency of our temperature regulation system declines. Although most research into the effects of dehydration focuses on young adults,

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