Why financial planning improves your health

James M. Dahle, MD, founder of The White Coat Investor.

James M Dahle, MD

It has been recognized for years that our health can be affected by our wealth, or lack thereof. Stress is a major contributor to both mental and physical health, and financial issues are one of the biggest stressors around.

In my work as an emergency physician, I meet people who feel suicidal nearly every day. While they also cite stress caused by relationships, health problems, family members and work, financial strain is a major contributor.

Since financial stressĀ  plays such a big part in poor health, it stands to reason that improving financial planning, literacy and discipline will also improve health outcomes. In my work spreading financial literacy among doctors and other high-income professionals at The White Coat Investor, I have often observed a great burden lifted from the shoulders of my readers and listeners as

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