Trick Or Treat? JeffCo Health Department Weighs In On Halloween

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL — With Halloween just a few weeks away, many families, neighborhoods and communities are looking at options for celebrating the holiday amid a pandemic. The Jefferson County Department of Health weighed in Thursday on trick-or-treating this year, and the opinion may not be what kids want to hear.

Dr. Wesley Willeford, medical director of disease control for the the JCDH, said dressing up for Halloween is fine, but trick-or-treating, at least the way it is normally done, must change in 2020.

“In-person trick-or-treating where a child goes door-to- door, probably isn’t the best idea right now,” he said. “The thing that we worry about is if you have a lot of kids who go around and see lots of people, if one of those kids or one of the adults that are with them has COVID-19 you could potentially spread that to a lot of people. So,

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