Trump’s medical team briefing reveals things are worse than we knew

Here’s what we learned from the latest briefing.

Trump given steroid, a worrying sign

As a determination of the team based predominantly on the timeline from the initial diagnosis that we initiate dexamethasone. – White House physician Dr. Sean Conley

Dexamethasone – a safe, inexpensive steroid that has been around for decades – is generally reserved for patients with severe or critical Covid-19 cases.

The National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization both recommend the drug for patients on supplemental oxygen or ventilators, based on a large clinical trial that found it reduced the risk of death. But both guidelines warn the drug could harm people who don’t require oxygen therapy or a ventilator, and should not be used for such patients. Trump’s doctors said Sunday that he has received oxygen therapy twice for limited periods. They also said he’s run a fever.

The decision to give Trump dexamethasone

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The boutique fitness experience as we knew it is dead

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the previously-booming boutique fitness industry into crisis, with studios struggling to pay rent as classes remain closed or at limited capacity.
  • Consumers are increasingly pivoting to digital and at-home fitness as companies like Peloton and Mirror, already successful pre-pandemic, have been booming. 
  • Experts say the coronavirus exposed existing vulnerabilities in the boutique fitness industry, but the market for premium in-person fitness experiences will likely adapt and survive through the pandemic. 
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When Flywheel Sports, the revolutionary spin class with a cult following, announced it was permanently closing its doors in September, other studios saw an ominous sign in the world of boutique fitness.

“When it’s as big as Flywheel, that’s when it really gets noticed. That’s exemplifying what’s going to happen over the next 6 months,” said Amanda Freeman, founder of SLT NYC, a pilates studio with locations in

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I have huge respect for Chrissy Teigen sharing her pregnancy loss when she knew what would happen next

When she revealed her pregnancy loss on Twitter and Instagram, Chrissy Teigen knew exactly what was going to happen next.

a close up of Chrissy Teigen: Photograph: Valérie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

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Photograph: Valérie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Of course there was the expected and rightful outpouring of sympathy and empathy for both her loss and sharing her raw pain, a brave gesture, but underlying that nest of support and love, came the questions from insensitive internet commenters.

a close up of Chrissy Teigen: ‘Already Chrissy Teigen was aware that waiting in the wings were the people waiting to criticise, to tell her the right way to be pregnant and of course point out the wrong way to be pregnant.’

© Photograph: Valérie Macon/AFP/Getty Images
‘Already Chrissy Teigen was aware that waiting in the wings were the people waiting to criticise, to tell her the right way to be pregnant and of course point out the wrong way to be pregnant.’

Why didn’t you go to the emergency room sooner?

Was this all staged for attention?

Were you really that upset if you were able to “pose up” for a photo?

Teigen’s warts and all approach to her social media branding

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Tips You Never Knew You Needed

We’ve all heard that famous saying before, “Health is wealth.” And while we do agree with the sentiment, health isn’t always about lifting weights, going on runs and shopping for healthy foods available in the supermarket. Especially in recent times, where the pandemic has essentially halted most of the economy. Sometimes all you need to feel better is to light up a therapeutic candle and lay back.

Today, we’re going to show you some of the more uncommon wellness and fitness tips that are tried and tested — how to do them, where to find what you need, and whether at all these tips actually work. Let’s get started.

1. Detoxing Can Actually Boost Your Energy Levels

Most of us have probably heard of the detox trend. It turned into quite the health fad just a few years back. However, many people believe that detox cleanses, while capable of flushing

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