Trump and Boris Johnson, covid patients with different lessons

Here’s where their journeys overlapped — and where they diverged.

Leaders “in good spirits,” even in the hospital.

Trump and Johnson, and the spinners for both, downplayed their covid-19 symptoms and evaded questions about their status. The emphasis was on how they remained strong and positive and in charge.

On Friday evening, as Trump was headed to Walter Reed, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement that he “remains in good spirits, has mild symptoms, and has been working throughout the day.” She maintained that hospitalization was “out of an abundance of caution, and at the recommendation of his physician and medical experts.” She added that the president would be working while there. (On Monday, McEnany revealed she tested positive for the virus, too.)

White House Physician Sean Conley’s then gave a rosy pronouncement of the president’s status on Saturday — without disclosing that Trump had been given supplemental

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Lessons the nation can learn


President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Here’s a look at where he traveled the week before his diagnosis.


While the nation watches and waits to see how President Donald Trump will fare as he’s treated for COVID-19, doctors say there are lessons the American people can learn from his infection in the midst of a pandemic that has so far killed more than 200,000 Americans and infected 7.3 million. 

Key among them is that no one is invulnerable to a disease that doesn’t pick and choose whom to infect based on political affiliation or status.

“I remain eternally optimistic that this will be the week that more Americans recognize the severity of this epidemic and just how many more Americans might die this fall and winter, and begin to take greater responsibility for it,” said Dr. Theodore J. Iwashyna, director of

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