Mississippi warns against ‘fake’ letter claiming state mask mandate over

Health officials in Mississippi are warning about fake notices falsely alerting residents that the state’s mandate requiring masks be worn in public was rescinded.

Officials with the state Emergency Management Agency wrote in a Facebook post Sunday that letters purporting to be from Gov. Tate Reeves (R) were circulating on social media platforms. The letters’ text ordered local businesses to take down signs directing customers to wear masks indoors.

“A ‘letter’ claiming to be from the governor’s office is circulating on social media. The letter is a FAKE. Stay up to date with the latest executive orders posted on the Secretary of State’s website. And any major changes will be addressed in a press conference and an updated executive order,” the agency wrote.

Reeves has in fact extended the state’s mask mandate multiple times, with the latest extension lasting through the end of September. Retail and other businesses in the

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