‘Tread Lightly’ on De-escalation of Breast Cancer Therapy

De-escalation of treatment for localized breast cancer has emerged as a beneficial strategy for some patients ― but this approach may not be suitable for the most vulnerable of patients, a trio of Boston University oncologists warns.

Pointing out that minority patients are “grossly underrepresented” in cancer clinical trials, they urge all physicians who treat breast cancer patients to question whether the practice-changing data coming out of clinical trials are relevant to the patient sitting in front of them.

“We must tread lightly on the path of minimizing comprehensive breast cancer care and consider its effect on the most vulnerable subset of patients with breast cancer who face the highest financial toxicity and worst mortality from the disease,” they comment.

Oluwadamilola T. Olderu, MD, of the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program and Boston University School of Medicine, and coauthors discuss the issue in a Viewpoint article published on September 24 in

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