TikTok star was diagnosed with breast cancer at 19: ‘Listen to your body’

There’s no hint of a health problem when you watch Eliza Petersen play both an angel and god gripped by an epic misunderstanding in her viral TikTok video.

But at 23, she has a breast cancer story to share after being diagnosed when she was just 19, she said.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 16 million times since early September, simply features her funny performance and a classic joke based on a word play.

God — depicted by Petersen in a paper towel beard — wants the angel to give the dinosaurs on Earth more muscle, or make them “meatier,” but the angel hears the instruction as “make them a meteor” and follows through. The video ends with their horrified expressions as they realize the consequences.

Petersen — a paralegal and paleontology buff who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and describes herself as “the definition of

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