Sleepwalking: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Also known as somnambulism, sleepwalking is one of several parasomnias. This is a term that healthcare professionals use to describe conditions that cause undesired events during sleep.

When a person is sleeping normally, both their bodies and their minds are out for the count. However, when a person walks in their sleep, the body and parts of the subconscious mind are active, while the conscious mind is not.

Sleepwalking is fairly common in youth, affecting up to 17% of children — particularly between the ages of 8–12 years.

However, people can start walking in their sleep at any age. In fact, some experts estimate that around 4% of adults experience sleepwalking episodes.

Most episodes of sleepwalking last for about 10 minutes, but some can last longer. People who encounter someone who is sleepwalking should make sure that they are safe. They can also try to gently help them get back

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Organoids Market: Growing Concerns about Systematic Treatment Solutions for Personalised Medicine to Drive the Market Growth

Global Organoids Market: An Overview

The global organoids Market is a fragmented landscape with several new players driving intense competition and rising investment in innovation. Recent advancements in Big Data, and technologies like 3D printing have opened up new skies of growth for innovation.

Organoids is a simplified and compact version of organs which depicts micro-anatomy realistically. These are usually made up of stem cells, tissues, or pluripotent stem cells. These can organize themselves in three-dimensions, which is key to its realistic representation of organism.

In 2013, the scientific community named the development in organoids as one of the biggest scientific achievement in recent times. This is not surprising as understanding real-movements of organs allows scientists to study various abnormal as well as healthy behaviour in cells, and test new drugs to bring forth solutions to challenges such as Alzheimer’s disease which are yet to be completely understood. Technologies like

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Symptoms, causes, treatment, outlook, and more

Mermaid syndrome, or sirenomelia, is an extremely rare but very serious condition that is present from birth (congenital). It is called mermaid syndrome because the baby’s legs are partially or completely fused.

Babies born with mermaid syndrome often also have serious internal problems that affect multiple organs in the body.

Keep reading to learn more about mermaid syndrome, including the risk factors, causes, and treatment options.

Mermaid syndrome is a serious condition in which a baby’s legs are completely or partially fused from birth. It is often fatal early in life.

Mermaid syndrome is, however, extremely rare. In fact, it is so rare that the exact incidence is hard to measure. Experts believe that it occurs in about 1 in 60,000–100,000 births. Back in 1992, an epidemiological study using eight monitoring systems from around the world found 97 babies with mermaid syndrome among almost 10.1 million births.

The first descriptions

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Types of coronavirus, their symptoms, and treatment

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illness in animals and humans. They can cause upper respiratory tract infections in humans, with symptoms and complications ranging from mild to severe.

Most species of coronavirus do not affect humans. So far, seven coronaviruses have caused illness in humans — including severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19).

In this article, we explore what coronaviruses are and how different types affect humans.

All data and statistics are based on publicly available data at the time of publication. Some information may be out of date.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause upper respiratory tract and intestinal illness.

The name “coronavirus” comes from the crown-like spikes that cover the surfaces of the viruses in this

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Nearly 1M who died of COVID-19 also illuminated treatment

The nearly 1 million people around the world who have lost their lives to COVID-19 have left us a gift: Through desperate efforts to save their lives, scientists now better understand how to treat and prevent the disease — and millions of others may survive.

Ming Wang, 71, and his wife were on a cruise from Australia, taking a break after decades of running the family’s Chinese restaurant in Papillion, Nebraska, when he was infected. In the 74 days he was hospitalized before his death in June, doctors frantically tried various experimental approaches, including enrolling him in a study of an antiviral drug that ultimately showed promise.

“It was just touch and go. Everything they wanted to try we said yes, do it,” said Wang’s daughter, Anne Peterson. “We would give anything to have him back, but if what we and he went through would help future patients, that’s what

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Breast cancer treatment comes later, lasts longer for Black women

Among breast cancer patients in the United States, Black women are more likely to start treatment later and to have a longer treatment period than white women, new research shows.

For the study, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill analyzed data from more than 2,800 patients (about equal numbers of Black women and White women) with stage 1 to 3 breast cancer in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study.

The overall median time to start of treatment was 34 days, but Black women were more likely than White women to have a delayed start to treatment (13% versus 8%, respectively) and a long treatment duration (30% versus 21%, respectively).

Nearly one-third (32%) of younger Black women were in the highest quartile of treatment duration, compared with just over 22% of younger White women. Meanwhile, 28% of older Black women had prolonged treatment duration compared with 20% of

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Alternative Medicine Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis (PF) affects approximately two-million people in the US, of both athletic and non-athletic populations. This condition can be debilitating and significantly affect one’s quality of life in a very negative way. There are few high quality studies on this condition and the most successful treatments. Treatments range from chiropractic care, physical therapy, injections and surgeries. Fortunately this condition can typically be resolved with conservative treatment and lifestyle modifications that can prevent going under the knife. Simply put, plantar fasciitis is a strain with subsequent inflammation of the thick tissue (plantar fascia) and muscles on the bottom of the foot causing heel pain. Plantar fasciitis (PF) is characterized by biting heel/mid arch pain when first bearing weight in the morning, or after long periods of rest. The pain typically subsides within 5 minutes of walking or running, then worsens with long term activity or weight bearing. It is also … Read More

Alternative Medicine Treatment For The Crohn’s Disease

If you are reading this, you are looking for the answers about Crohn’s disease. You were told that there is no real cause for it; therefore, consequently, there is no cure. The only option you are left with is treatment with the powerful pharmaceutical drugs.

Most likely you are confused. You are afraid of pain, bloody diarrhea, fatigue, possibility of the colon removal, cancer, and side effect of the drugs that you are taking. In the jungle of internet, thousand websites promise and sell miracle cure. The situation with Crohn’s disease is extremely complicated. Even medical authorities in this field write “Seventy-five years after Crohn’s characterization as a unique entity, we are still in the dark”.

Let me share some ideas about causes and possible non-drug treatments for this illness. Everything what I will tell you, is information from statistic and medical literature, practice of the doctors from other countries … Read More

Fear of Dentist Dental Phobia -Odontophobia Treatment and Cure

Statistics show that for many people with dental phobia, the onset resulted fro a traumatic experience in childhood. That was what happened to me. I had an abscessed tooth and the dentist pulled it with no Novocain and never prescribed an antibiotic. After that even the thought of getting my teeth cleaned would make me physically ill. When our children were young I took them to a dentist who dealt exclusively with children. I couldn’t stay in the room with them. This kind man had me just sit in the chair and chat with him. When I was comfortable with that (a few weeks) he took x-rays, then we progressed to a cleaning. It took four months to get to that point and another two before I allowed him to fill two cavities.

This is not an atypical approach to dental phobias. Many therapists recommend this method. Some dentists don’t … Read More

Homeopathy As Alternative Medicine – Holistic Approach to Treatment

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system pioneered and developed by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, around the end of the 18th century. It is a science of acknowledging the wholeness of a person, not just the ailments or problems- but the mind, body, spirit, soul and psychology of a person affected when there is illness present. The science does not alienate the disease from the person; rather the focus is laid on the origin, progress, impacts, and effects of the sickness on the individual. Homeopathic medicines, or ‘remedies’ being very different from the allopathic or over the counter ones, stimulate the body’s self-regulating mechanisms to initiate the healing process.

This philosophy believes that when a person is attacked by illness, it not only affects his physical body but the totality of him, i.e. the whole person is sick: body, mind, and spirit. The body manifests symptoms of illness but it … Read More