Future Medicine is Preventive Medicine

We’ve been talking about it forever, it seems. Time Magazine recently covered the subject– it was about the application of high tec devices and procedures resulting in miraculous possibilities, and course, prices to match. But, were still treating symptoms– “band-aiding” health issues.

Research teams have worked for years with billions of dollars spent to find “cures” for diseases that steal the lives of countless thousands of our population every year– men, women, children. Twenty-six years of research has gone into finding a cure for HIC-AIDs, and evern more time and money into cancer research, and it seems we are no closer to finding anyting that approches a real answer.

What our health care system has become is a “disease-management”system, as we go now with our lives giving scant thought to ‘wellness’ until symptoms overtake us, forcing us into drugs and surgery. Let’s consider what we would change about our present system if we could. The system would be:

  • Proactive – a system that neutralizes “negatives” before they become symptomatic.
  • Personalized – form thousand of frequencies, the body reads only what it needs at the moment,
  • Preventive – a once-in-a-lifetime system.
  • All natrual and harm-free frequencies programmed into a water-base.
  • User-friendly – a do-it yourself system of drinking a quart of water daily conaining the cleansing frequencies.
  • Fast – only six-weeks to completion.
  • Affordable!!

But what if there was already a system available with a track record of nearly tow decades ofuse and two years of laboratory research by a three-time Novel Prize nominee? Upon completion of his study Dr. Rustum Roy of Pennsylvania State University reported that, “these are amazing formulas with spectacular results.

Welcome to the world of energy medicine, preventive medicine at its best— the answer to our cry for helphas been answered. You might say its “future midicine” without all the bells and whistles, and the high price tag.

All we needed was a simple deep-cellular cleanse, which in a matter of weeks could bring an acidic system back ot alkaline. why is this so important? Because no disease can live i a pH-balanced system– not HIV-AIDs, cancer, yeart, fungus, nor parasites. No disease. All we needed was a simple deep-cellular cleanse, which in a matter of weeks could bring an acidic system back to alkaline. Why is this so important? Because no disease can live in a pH-balanced system- not HIV-AIDs, cancer, yeast, fungus, nor parasites. No disease.

And the best part is that all it takes is drinking a quart of pure water daily with the addition of droppers of water-based formulas. Perhaps the biggest miracle of all is the fact that the body is self-diagnosing so with each swallow, only the frequencies the body needs at that moment are “read”. Talk about personalized medicine!

To top it all off, a system of future medicine should keep its owner well for a lifetime. It’s important to realize that if one is healthy, a “lifetime” may mean 100, 200 or even 300 years of productivity. How could that be? Actually, it’s quite fool-proof. The scientists tell us that once cells are cleansed and repaired they regenerate whole and perfect rather than damaged. Thus, a de-aging process is put into place and as long as a simple maintenance program is used along with sufficient water intake, a lifetime of wellness is absolutely possible.

Now cellular toxins and other negatives can be neutralized before they manifest as disease– or a rapidly aging body. This is definitely future medicine, already in use on the planet at this very moment. It has a name- it’s called “energy medicine”.