How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist

Millions of people hesitate to see a dentist for necessary dental treatment out of fear. Are you one of them? The stereotype picture of a sadistic dentist holding a whizzing drill over his patient is perpetuated in comic strips, cartoons and TV shows. This image as accurate as any other stereotype still persists. The fact is that anticipation of pain produces fear.

Today’s dentistry is almost pain free. Modern anesthetics, sophisticated high speed drills with water sprays and precision instruments make most dental procedures virtually painless. Unfortunately you can know all that and still freeze up the minute you walk into the dentist office.

If your early childhood experience was to be dragged screaming in to the dental chair, like it was in my case, it is pretty difficult to erase these fearful feelings. So what can you do about fears? You can level with your dentist right from the beginning; tell him how frighten you are. Ask for a topical anesthetic before a shoot, or ask for a medication.

A sympathetic dentist can do a lot to inspire your confidence. After a few painless visits, you will probably go to him with less anxiety. However, all this unpleasant and costly experience of dental treatments could be avoided altogether if you would know how to take care of your teeth. I recommend that you read my article “Free Yourself of Tooth Decay, Tooth Pain and Dental Bills for the Rest of Your Life!” If you follow my simple natural formula, you can save your teeth and your money!

Some interesting facts about teeth

Did you know that George Washington’s false teeth were carved out of wood? Paul Revere, the man who warned that the British were coming, made Washington’s teeth. He was a blacksmith, and blacksmiths were the craftsmen and artisans of the day. This crude set of teeth was held apart by small springs. Have you ever seen a picture of George Washington smiling?

Sharks have many sets of teeth. As one set loosens up, it is replaced by an additional set. Nature provides the shark continuously with free dentures.

In 1884 Dr. Horace Wells, an American dentist demonstrated the properties of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” by using it on himself while having his own tooth extracted.

Millions off teeth are extracted in America each year that should have been saved through other treatments. Do not let one of these teeth be yours!

More than half of the American people loose all their teeth by the time they reach 65.By the time these Senior Citizens reach 75, nearly two-thirds are totally without teeth. It looks like the golden age is also the toothless age for many Americans.