Preferred Podiatry Group (PPG) Stands Ready to Deliver Much Needed Care to Residents in Long Term Care (LTC) Communities

CHICAGO, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Preferred Podiatry Group (PPG) welcomes recent guidance from CMS and State-based Agencies that request that Long Term Care (LTC) Communities allow healthcare workers like Podiatrists to deliver care to patients in need.

“Over the past several weeks, I have seen residents in dire need of podiatric care,” said Dr. Brian Leykum, Regional Medical Director at PPG. “The postponement of Podiatry visits has led to a noticeable increase in wounds and infections. Thickened, overgrown nails and calluses have also altered the way many residents ambulate, altering their gait and increasing their chance of falling.”

PPG remains steadfast in providing much needed Podiatric care to residents in need throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team implemented strict infection control protocols to ensure the health and safety of staff and residents at LTC Communities.

“We have been shipping our Podiatrists adequate supplies of PPE so our practice can deliver care in a CDC-compliant manner since the pandemic began,” said Dr. Chris Kestner, Executive Medical Director at PPG. “We have also asked that our Podiatrists receive COVID-19 testing on a regular basis so we can protect our patients and our doctors.”

During the Pandemic, Preferred Podiatry Group has seen its practice grow, as many local Podiatrists have either stopped delivering care to LTC Communities or have teamed up with PPG.

“Due to our size and scale, we feel that we have been able to weather this storm better than others,” said Dr. Kestner. “During the past few months, we have seen more requests than ever from new LTC Communities to receive care from our Podiatrists. We have also been pleased with the excellent Podiatrists who have joined our ranks in the past year. We look forward to building off this momentum and continuing to provide excellent care to residents in need.”

Preferred Podiatry Group is actively recruiting Podiatrists to join the Practice and can serve additional Communities in need. If you are a Podiatrist or a Community looking to partner with PPG, contact us at [email protected]

About Preferred Podiatry Group®: Founded in 1972, Preferred Podiatry Group (“PPG”) is the leading provider of podiatric care to nursing homes and other long-term care communities. Our 100+ Podiatrists deliver care to 3,000+ Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Communities in 17 states.





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