Start a new workout plan with up to 75% off yoga and fitness subscriptions

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Find your center with these yoga subscriptions.
Find your center with these yoga subscriptions.

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Whether you prefer a traditional yoga practice, a personalized workout plan, or lots of variety, there’s probably a yoga or fitness subscription on sale for you.

We’ve compiled six below, including unlimited subscriptions and programs that allow you to customize your workout plan, so you can figure out a routine that actually works for you.

Plus, September is National Yoga Month! In honor of the occasion, you can slash up to 75% off.

YogaDownload Unlimited

With a subscription to YogaDownload Unlimited, you’ll get access to over 1,000 classes and workouts for an entire year. Classes range from easy to advanced, so you can start slow if you’re a beginner and work your way up. Plus, you can customize your workout routine to suit your lifestyle. There are lots of dedicated yoga classes, of course, but there’s also pilates, meditation, stretching, foam rolling, and more. It’s regularly $119, but you can save 75% for a limited time and get a one-year subscription for just $29. 

BetterMe Home Workout and Diet

From workout challenges and meal plans to personalized training and community connections, BetterMe’s app has a well-rounded approach to health and fitness. You can choose areas of focus, track your calories, choose nutrition plans to fit your lifestyle, and build a customized health plan. A personal coach feature will guide and support you along the way. It’s valued at $1,200, but you can get a lifetime subscription to BetterMe for only $39.99.

YFM Yoga, Fitness, and Mindfulness

YFM’s fun and engaging online workouts were developed to help you build strength, improve flexibility, and reduce stress as you forge more sustainable habits. Beyond the variety of yoga classes on the platform, there are also meditations and breathing exercises to help you work on your mind as much as your body. Regularly, a lifetime subscription would cost you $479, but you can sign up for just $29.99 for a limited time.

Yogaia Interactive Yoga Classes

Yogaia Interactive Yoga Classes is an interactive online yoga studio that broadcasts over 1,000 classes and workouts, from yoga and meditation to pilates and stretching. Plus, you can join interactive live broadcasts and get feedback in real time, or watch on-demand recordings afterward via web, iOS, Android, or Apple TV. Sign up for a lifetime subscription to Yogaia Interactive for $299 (regularly $399) and get started right away.

Project HASIKO 28-Day Total Body Wellness Program

Project Hasiko’s Total Body Wellness Program features 60-minute morning rituals that combine pilates, yoga, and meditation. You’ll also get 100 minutes of guided meditation each week and 28 days of coaching emails written by co-founders Davina and Zi. It’s valued at $198, but you can get lifetime access to this wellness program for $39 for a limited time.

Onyx Home Workout App

The Onyx Home Workout App acts as a virtual training partner, offering you feedback in real time. Using your phone or tablet’s camera, the 3D capture system counts your reps, corrects your form, and adds tracking to almost any exercise. You can sign up for a lifetime subscription for only $79.99 for a limited time — 73% off the usual cost.

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