"Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness" By Vickie Berkus – Book Review

Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness

b Vicki Berkus, MD, PhD

Robert D. Reed Publishers (2005)

ISBN 1931741617

“Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness” is a powerful little book. It is especially important to us because we are in a time when people are more focused on being physically fit than emotionally fit. It teaches us to put ourselves first, to take responsibility for our feelings, to set priorities and to be honest with ourselves. We learn to increase our awareness of common behaviors and the consequences of maintaining them. It was written so that, “…it will empower readers to have the courage to examine their mental fitness, learn how to identify and keep behaviors that make sense and let go of behaviors that do not.”

The first step that we need to take to be on the path to being mentally fit is to make a commitment to put ourselves first, to identify our needs and to realize that we count. The second step involves taking responsibility for our feelings. If we learn to deal with them as them come up, that we can avoid negative addictive behaviors.

It is also important to set priorities and to make short term goals so that these commitments are obtainable. By setting priorities we give our lives a sense of purpose. Having healthy relationships is also important. These involve sharing respect and setting healthy boundaries. We also need to work on growing spiritually. This involves being aware of where we are in the moment, not just looking for a higher power.

Dr. Berkus wrote “Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness” in a concise, no nonsense manner. She lays out the tools that you need to make a commitment to achieving mental fitness. She explains everything in a manner that is easy to understand and has compassion interwoven into it. She provides you with exercises so that you can gain more meaning and insight for the steps involved. I am so glad that I got to read this book before the start of the New Year. I hope to incorporate these changes into my life now as part of my New Year’s Resolution. If you are seeking to make positive changes in your life, “Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness” will give you everything you need to make those changes.