Watch This Bodybuilder Get Crushed By the US Marine Fitness Test

YouTuber Aseel Soueid frequently challenges himself to try the restrictive diets and rigorous workouts of swole actors and athletes like Arnold and LeBron. But for his latest video, he decided to take on a challenge that would be a whole new level of demanding: the U.S. Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test. And just to make things even more difficult, he did it without any prior training or practice.

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Soueid starts the pullup round of the test from a dead hang, and manages to do 18 consecutive reps before maxing out. (A minimum passing score here would have been 5 reps, but he comes in shy of a perfect score of 23.)

Next up are the crunches, and Soueid focuses on getting his form exactly right, which means recruiting his cameraman to anchor his legs, and crossing his arms over his chest. The goal is to do as many crunch reps as possible inside a 2-minute window. A perfect score would be 110, but it’s possible to pass with 70. Soueid just about edges over the minimum score, completing 73 crunches before he gives out.

“That was a lot harder than I expected,” he says. “There’s just a whole lot going on there… Honestly, crunches have never been my thing.”

The third and final round of the U.S. Marines PFT is the one that Soueid has been putting off the longest: a 3-mile run. A passing result here would be to complete the run in 27 minutes 40 seconds, while a perfect score would be to do it in 18 minutes. He’s less optimistic here, as cardio is not his strong suit. “Literally, pigs could fly before I run an 18-minute 3-mile run,” he says.

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He ends up finishing the 3 miles in 22 minutes 30 seconds; a passing score. However, it’s a performance he is unlikely to repeat, as the breathless Soueid vows to never do the Marines fitness test ever again. “I just remembered why I absolutely don’t run,” he says.

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