Young medicine graduate praises man who paid her university fees

a group of people posing for the camera: Young medicine graduate praises man who paid her university fees

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Young medicine graduate praises man who paid her university fees

– A young lady recently took to Facebook to share how three people in her life always pushed her to pursue her educational dreams

– In the touching post she also shared how one of the men who had paid for some of her tuition fees passed on recently

– The post was met by many congratulatory messages as well as condolences

A young woman named Rose Leputu recently took to Facebook group ImStaying to share pictures of the people whom she described as the ones who believed in her from the start of her educational career to the end.

In the heartfelt Facebook post, the medicine graduate also shares how one of the men in the pictures had gone even further in his bid to support her by paying the registration fees that helped her achieve her dream.

Rose and the ones who helped her become a doctor. Source: Facebook/Rose Leputu

Source: UGC

She also shared the sad news about his passing in the post.

“These three right here believed I was worthy of the medicine degree from day one. It has become my key to doors of success. I’m still grateful for their love. They are my pillars of hope.

“The gentleman on the left always believed in my capabilities and he was right. He kept paying my registration fees at MEDUNSA year on year to assist me stay in while the bursary sorted out the rest. Sadly he died few weeks after this pic was taken. I’ll always cherish him. May he RIP,” she wrote.

Her fellow stayers joined in on thanking the people who supported her dreams. They also shared messages of condolences to her and the man’s family.

Here were some of their comments:

Warren Adams said:

“Condolences and thank you for sharing. MHSRIP”

While Cindy Eachus wrote:

“Well done to you for honouring their belief in you. I am sure he is resting in peace knowing he did something good for someone. Thank you for sharing your story.”

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